Nice architecture spared from the war.

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umm.. a cloud

Jan P burned himself for democracy, the other guy copied

Wenceslas square

Astrological clock

More clock

More clock.. fyi, the builder was rewarded by having his eyes removed

More clock

and again..

Gate to St Charles bridge

Gan showing us how Mario keeps his face clean (St Charles bridge)

Gan with palaces in the background (St Charles bridge)

Palaces and cathedral

I don't know?

A pretty building

How the plebs look from the palaces

Palace gate

"I love my job"

Changing of the guard

Sharon during tryouts

Sharon during tryouts 2

Palace courtyard

Palace courtyard fountain

St Vitus cathedral

St Vitus cathedral 2

Inside St Vitus

Some pink palace

St Vitus cathedral, out the back

Torturous steps we climbed to the palace

Palace area gate

Infamous devil artist

Girl on the wall

Prague is so nice that even stores get awesome fixtures, MNG store

MNG store 2

Non-alcoholic Stella Artois