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Home of nice cars, rich people with poor fashion sense and dirty old men... contd.

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I was supposed to get the palace in the distance, but got the bird instead

Baby giant gulls

Baby giant gulls 2

No budgie smugglers

Yay me!

Group shot ->

C'mon group shot! ->


Changing of the guard (was expecting pink uniforms)

Buffalo cheese with tomato and basil, Yum!

Dinner in Monaco

Just in case you missed it before

Another one of them huge ass birds

Pete and Betty on the F1 track

Gan on the F1 track

Mark and Ganny on the F1 track

F1 track: Left turn along the water

One of many Ferrari's floating around

F1 track somewhere

Little chicane after the tunnel

F1 track: more out of the tunnel photos

and again...

Betty about to get run over while I play with camera settings in the tunnel

Famous hairpin when we returned the next night, looked the same as the previous night

Mario on the hairpin

Our Kumuka bus.. Kev wishes! (bus driver)

F1 track: the road after the hairpin turn

Pete and Betty at Monte Carlo casino

Pete and Betty at Monte Carlo casino 2

F1 track: coming up to left turn in front of casino

F1 track: somewhere?

F1 track: the first left turn, which has an island normally

I don't know? I was instructed to take photo!

Tunnel to Monaco train station

Tunnel to Monaco train station 2

Escargo at dinner

Monaco train station platform