Just another beautifully unique place in the world. Stay still on your gondola though!! Again great street salesmen, the local opening for a sale here is "something?" Also, absolutely fantastic melon ice cream.

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Richard's miss piggy

St Mark's square

One of many canals

Method of proving innocence in the past

Basically, it's impossible!!

If they caught you, you were screwed!

Especially if you were short..

St Mark's Basilica

Murano glass blowing

Looks closely. A prancing horse made in 10 seconds

St Mark's basilica facade

Our gondola

Back of the bus crew

Ooooh... a crab!

Ooooh... a door!

Nearly all building had gian staples holding them together

A giant atrological clock

Pigeon lovin'

Don't know why I took this photo

Rialto bridge

Leanne at St Mark's square

St Mark's square by night

Grand canal by night